Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stampede 101

This year I wasn’t going to go to the Calgary Stampede. I had put so much effort into last years, that I really didn’t care to go this year. That combined with Nick’s schooling, I really didn’t see the point. Well my friend Whitney really wanted to go, and so she asked if I could go because her husband wasn’t in the mood in going this year. So I agreed and we made our plans. Well it turns out that we like to do the same activities, so we were set! We hit up the Big 4 (I was a little dissapointed as nothing really stood out), the Show Home, Agriculture Building, ate tons of food, and last but not least (because it’s our favorite!) the Grandstand Show! Overall it was a great day with some great company!

Whitney and I posing with the RCMP (Nick says Whitney looks all casual, while I look like I am getting arrested)
Now Whitney and I petting the cows!
Whitney got her Snow Cone
I got my mini donuts!!
Mayer Nenshi!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

June's Tid + Bits

Its summer people, and today I’ve decided to do a link up with one of my favourite bloggers Alyca for today’s Tids + Bits. Click here to read her blog!

Here's what I had I been up too last month:

1. At Spruce Meadows with the girls for the Spruce Meadows National
2. Nick and I with the bride & groom – Crystal and Andrew
3. A picture from mine and Bianca’s Best Friend Photoshoot
4. Me with my baby niece Alexa having a slumber party at the Fairmont Palliser the night before the wedding!

Have a great week!