Monday, September 29, 2014

Evanna | 5 Months

Pink Headband + Tutu courtesy of @mummyslittlelamb // Stripped Bamboo Blanket in Mocha courtesy of Max + Moose

Oh Evanna, I can’t even begin to describe how much joy you bring into our lives. You make me smile every day, and daddy is always rushing home to see his little girl. You’re now 5 months old and starting to show some personality and sass. The next month will be one of the hardest for our family, but it will only make us stronger and closer together.

Weight: 12lb 6oz

Height: tba

Clothing size: You’re still in 0-3 month clothes, but I think you’ll be in 3-6 month by next month!

Diaper size: Size 1

Feeding: You eat about 130-175mL, 5 times a day. Feeding you is kind of funny. When you see the bottle, you do this little freak out. You’re dad and I think it resembles a baby bird (you flap your arms and move your mouth trying to get the bottle) and we laugh when you do it.

Milestones: You’ve made a lot of progress this month. You finally handle being on your tummy pretty well – just in time for when we have to keep you off it for the next 6 weeks lol. Due to this, you are now a master of ROLLING OVER! Within moments of putting you down, you’re rolling over onto your stomach, and end up off your activity mat in a matter of minutes. You’ve also started giggling. It’s not a full on belly laugh, but we welcome the giggles all the same. You sit up so well in your bumbo seat now, and we’ve begun to start putting you to sleep in your own nursery. Daddy was very reluctant to this, but mommy needed her sleep! However, I still come get you in the morning, and you sleep for the last hour in our bed with us.

Loves: You love sleeping in your swing, rolling around, playing on your activity mat, gurgling, walking around with daddy and sitting up looking around. You talk all the time and sometimes we’re sure that you’re telling us off! You still don’t mind being swaddled for naps, and your soother is wherever you are.

Dislikes: You still dislike the same things – cold milk and getting overtired.  

Adventures: This month has been a little quieter than in the past. With your surgery coming up, we wanted to make sure you remained healthy, so we stayed home a little more often. At the beginning of September, we had our ward corn bust, and mommy actually made the chili (daddy is surprised that mommy cooked too!). Then Great Grandma and Grandpa came especially from Fort MacLeod to spend the day with you. We saw our heart friend Lily and her sister Hannah, which we always enjoy. Next time we see them, you and Lily will have matching scars, and they will have a new baby sister!
Other than one little oxygen check, we didn’t have any medical appointments this month! Mommy definitely enjoyed that little break. We had a couple of lunch dates with friends and another games night with people that love you dearly. Last weekend we had an awesome family dinner at Grandma Sandy’s house and stayed out until past midnight! Thanks Aunt Megan for being an awesome host!! This past week we just stayed home and started packing for Edmonton. Lots of people called, texted and messaged me asking how you were doing and promised that you were in their prayers. Like I said, it was a pretty calm month, but we need all the rest we can get to prepare for next week.

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Prayers, support, the bottle warmer, swing, activity mat, and your soother.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Alexa {18 Months}

Miss Alexa is 18 months old today! She is such a fun little girl, and I feel incredibly blessed to be her Aunt. Alexa is such a mini Danika, both in looks and personality, and I just love watching her grow up. She is such a helpful big cousin - always putting Evanna's soother back into her mouth or bringing her toys. She's going to make a great big sister this coming spring!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

| 20 Weeks |

1. Evanna has mastered rolling over from her stomach to her back, and is pretty close to rolling over onto her stomach | 2. It’s not easy feeding her when she’s trying to talk to you. Good thing it’s so darn cute! | 3. She’s finally starting to get the hang of tummy time (yeah!) | 4. Though she’ll be back in our room for a little bit after surgery, we’ve begun to put her down for naps and bedtime in her own crib | 5. Last night I learnt the hard way of why you don’t wake a sleeping baby….

Saturday, September 13, 2014

2014 Family Photos

Back in August, before we had any indication of Evanna’s surgery timeline, I decided we needed to have a few family photos done in case Edmonton called saying it was time for us to go back up. I wanted to take photos as a family “pre-surgery” and while the trees were still green. So I dragged my husband and mom (who’s been taking some photography classes this past year) out to Red Deer Lake, and spent the evening snapping up a few photos. I think they turned out pretty good, but I will say it isn’t exactly easy taking photos of a three month old! I finally got around to editing a few this week, so without further ado – here are a few of my favourites (minus one that I’m saving for our Christmas cards….yes I am that much of a planner):

Monday, September 1, 2014

Evanna | 4 Months

Holy cow – you’re FOUR months old Evanna! You continue to exceed everyone’s expectations and we just can’t believe how much of a little rock star you’ve become. It was a year ago this week that I found out I was pregnant with you, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much my life has changed – for the better. We love you so much doobie! xo  

Weight: 11lb 6oz  

Height: 57.2 cm | 22.5 inches

Clothing size:  0-3 month seems to still fit you best, but I’ve also begun to put you in your 3-6 outfits (yeah). You’re in the 10% for weight and height, but though you’re small, you’re also on a nice curve.

Diaper size: Size 1

Feeding: You eat about 110-170mL every feeding, and you still eat at 7:30am, 11:30am, 3:30pm, 7:30pm and 11:30pm. ENT did check your palate earlier this month (because of your nasal regurgitation), and the plastic surgeon said they while your palate is little high, it’s really nothing. In fact, the regurgitation has significantly decreased this month. Yeah!

Milestones:  Tummy time  -oi. Seriously girlfriend, why do you hate it so much – I’m not doing it to be mean! I know one day you’ll get it, but I’m impatient. Though you don’t roll over, you definitely don’t stay in the same spot anymore. I constantly have to slide you back to the original spot that I put you in because you have pushed yourself off the activity mat.

Loves: You love being sat up on our laps. You want to see the world and what’s going on – such a curious little girl. You also like talking to mommy and daddy and telling us all your stories. Once in a while you wake up, and instead of crying because you’re hungry, you just talk to yourself. It makes us die of laughter because of how cute it is!

Dislikes: Cold milk, and being overtired. At least mommy knows the moment you get cranky to just swaddle you up tight. It calms you down immediately.

Adventures: We’ve enjoyed some lovely summer evenings filled with family, love and laughter. Your Uncle Ryan turned 33, and because he was watching a friends place out in the country, we spent a fun night with family and friends. A week later, Grandma Sandy came over and babysat you while your dad and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy (an AWESOME movie btw). We then enjoyed a day playing games with some friends and a beach day with Leiah and her boys.
The best part of the August, was Brynn and Allie’s wedding. Daddy had to work (but he managed to stop by at one point), so I took you by myself. I was a little scared doing it on my own – but you were on your best behavior! You didn't make one pep in the entire 8 hours. It also helped that soo many people wanted to hold you so mommy was able to enjoy the night.

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Bottle warmer, the swing, activity mat, and your soother (specifically the Wubbanub – so much so, that we just bought a second one).