Monday, November 21, 2011

birthday week

Okay, so it was my birthday this past week, and I had an alright birthday. I have nothing to really complain about - and I have had worse birthdays, but some stuff happened that I hope gets fixed soon. On the 12th Nick and I went to the Bay to start our gift registry for the wedding. We only got half of it done - and we were there for hours! We're going back in January because we still need to add all the linens (which they told us not to do till closer to the wedding date because of changeover) and some electronics. Nick also bought a new laptop which he really needed (his old one is 6 years old) because his was getting really slow and he needs a new one for next year when he starts school. We then we went to look at the show home of the house we're building just to start getting furniture and decor ideas. Nick took me out for a really nice dinner at the Cattle Baron - which is a really nice restaurant in Calgary and we ended the night watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

My actual birthday was Tuesday the 15th, but Nick was back in Coronation, Bev was on her way down from Edmonton and the girls were busy working. We decided to go out for dinner on Wednesday which I was fine with. The only thing that made it feel like my birthday was many messages I received on Facebook.

Wednesday I meet up with the girls at Chinook Mall. When I first got there Bianca and Crystal were trying on dresses at BCBG. I will admit - at first I was being really selfish and was a little upset that they were trying on dresses when we were suppose to go for dinner - I know - trust me, I feel really guilty for being like this. Then they pulled a few dresses for me to try on, and my attitude started changing. There was this one dress that Crystal said looked really good on me. I really wasn't in that "shopping" mood (I love shopping, but I have to be the mood to go) so I didn't end up buying a dress that night. I did go back the next Saturday to get the dress - and I am going to wear it for my bachelorette party. We then went to Cactus Club for dinner (they have my favorite dessert there) and we had a lot of fun. It has been a LONG time since just the 4 of us have been able to get together to go shopping and out to eat. It really made me miss Bev (MOVE BACK ALREADY! LOL) and it's something that I hope can happen a little more often. We talked the whole night and they sang me happy birthday. Bev and Crystal gave me money that was suppose to be for a dress (that's why they had me meet them at Chinook mall at BCBG and it's why they were having me try on dresses - I guess I just can't take a hint sometimes; but I did get a dress with their money - but just a few days later) and Bianca got me this beautiful teapot that will go with all my tea cups that I have acquired over the last year (I'll post on those sometime in the future). So in all I was spoiled. We wiggled in the car and Bev told us the BEST worst date ever story ever. Something to do with a very badly dressed cowboy with a perv stash, mullet, awkward social skills, and a night where everything went wrong. Poor Bev. Lol. Thank goodness she was able to laugh about it later.

Thursday ended up being a very bad day, and I hope that everything turns around in a couple of weeks, because there is just so much to look forward too.

Friday night we went to Nick's Grandma's birthday (her birthday is only 2 days after mine) and had amazing pizza and delicious chocolate cake. We went to a church dance later that night - because it's one of the last ones I will be able to go to before I get married. Caught up with a few people - but since I lived in Saskatoon for a little while and didn't go that many activities since I've moved back to Calgary, I didn't know as many people as I use to a few years ago in YSA. Oh well - soon I will be moving on to family wards in the spring.

On Saturday I went back to the mall and got that dress for the bachelorette that the girls picked out. I also got an adorable red dress for the Wakeford Christmas party in December. I can't wait to wear it, but I think I broke the bank. I also got half of my Christmas shopping done (it helps when I don't have to buy gifts for the girls. We're going to to see Paul Brandt as a Christmas gift to each other in December).

Sunday I went to Nick's house and woke him up (he worked a night shift for Calgary EMS) and we went to church. We then went to Okotoks to visit his mom (and Nick finally pick up his mail - which included my birthday present) and I got my new watch. I was wanting a gold watch, so Nick bought me a gold and diamond watch. I LOVE IT! The weekend ended with my favorite meal (fettucini chicken alfredo) and my family.

In all, a good 23rd birthday with a few minor hiccups.
Here's to another year wiser! By my next birthday, I will be a married women!


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