Sunday, February 19, 2012

engagement ring

I thought I would finally share a picture of my engagement ring. Once Nick and I decided that we were going to get married, we obviously started to have discussions about the ring. Nick didn't want to spend too much on it as he is a saver and does not like to spend money. Being together for over 3 years and Nick working lots making really good money, I felt it was fair for a decent size ring as we weren't poor 19 year old kids. So my dad suggested going to this place that he knew that designed rings. My parents got a ring made there and saved a lot of money - as you skip the middle man and multiple mark-ups. At first Nick didn't want to go because he is a very busy person, and he just wanted to just go pick out a ring and buy it. So finally after a little convincing he went and talked to them. First Nick took me to a ring store and had me try on rings. He then took a picture of the ring that I liked the best. He then went and took the picture as well as a drawing that he made up to the designer . This is the end result. I am so happy with it. I got the halo as well as diamonds down the side that I wanted. Nick also saved a lot of money. He ended up only paying half of what the appraisal is. Plus he loved that he got to have his input and make changes as the ring was being designed and made.

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