Saturday, June 21, 2014

Evanna's Baby Blessing

Last Sunday, not only did we celebrate Nick’s first Father’s Day, but we also had Evanna blessed. When Bishop Blum offered to let us bless her on Father’s Day it just seemed so perfect, that we said yes automatically. Close friends and family attended the blessing, and then were invited back for a BBQ at our house.
Nick gave the most beautiful blessing. I know I put a little pressure on him to do a good job (I knew he would do well), but he exceeded my expectations. I guess he had been thinking about what he wanted to say for weeks and you could tell that he put a lot of thought into it. He blessed for her mind to be smart, to know right from wrong and make good decisions. To be a good example to future siblings and grow strong in the knowledge of the gospel. He blessed for her heart to be strong – quick to love, easy to forgive and care for everyone around her. He blessed her body to be strong, to always support her, quick to heal and never fail her. He then blessed her future to be filled with luck, love and happiness and to remember that many people care for her and that she’s a blessing to her family. And finally he said that Heavenly Father loves and cares for her.

Nick with his dad and Evanna
My grandpa, dad, Nick (holding Evanna) and Nick's dad Ray
Nick and I with my grandparents
Danika, my mom, dad, Nick and Austin surrounding me and Evanna
The Blessing Dress. This was made by my great-grandmother (so Evanna's great great grandmother) and I wore it when I was blessed
The Blessing Blanket. Made out of material from my wedding dress.

I have many people to thank for making Evanna’s blessing that much more special: my mom and grandma for helping make food, to sweet Whitney for the yummy chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows (and then helping take photos at the end). To my dear grandpa, dad, Bishop Blum and Spencer for being a part of the circle. Finally I have to give a final shout out to my friend Sarah and her mom for taking material from my wedding dress and making it into a beautiful blessing blanket that I hope to pass down someday.

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  1. So beautiful! I love all the details. What a perfect day!