Thursday, August 7, 2014

100 Days Old

100 Days Old | 14 Weeks
10lbs 7oz | 22 inches

Just got back from a cardiology appointment this morning, and let's just say they are super impressed with your eating and weight gain. When I told them how much you were eating, the staff (Dr. Fruitman, Patti - our nurse, a student and a dietitian) were just besides themselves, considering you're both a heart and 22q baby (both tend to have eating and weight issues). You go girl!
I can't believe you're already 100 days old! Sometimes it feels just like yesterday that you were born, and other times I've forgotten what life is like without you. We love you Evanna! xo


  1. Wow way to go Evanna!!! Yesterday I was 100 days pregnant and I'm 14 weeks pregnant! She is the same age out as my baby is - in! :)

  2. She is the sweetest baby! Happy 100 days!

  3. So Evanna is 101 days older than my Dominic! That is a very cool number ;)