Saturday, October 10, 2015


While I need to do an MAJOR blog update (which I’m working on!), today’s milestone definitely deserves a post of it’s own! Today, Nick and I were able to take Evanna off unit UNACCOMPANIED (meaning by ourselves without a nurse or Respiratory Therapist walking behind us) and enjoy our new found freedom. We got her ready in the stroller with all of her equipment, and once an RT checked it everything over, we were sent on our way. This is the first time that Nick and I have ever had alone time with our daughter since her first surgery last October outside a hospital room. Yes we had to stay within hospital walls, but this is one huge step towards going home! I’m hoping and will be pushing for a day pass in the next several weeks, and hopefully we can be discharged soon after.

This actually brings me to an incredibly important topic. The final hurdle that we must cross before bringing Evanna home will be getting homecare set up and having night nurses trained and in place. Now that we have a tentative discharge timeframe, we can finally hit the ground running and hire staff to watch Evanna at night. So if you live in Calgary and are a LOCAL FOLLOWER, we need your help spreading the word. I will be doing a more formal post on our IG and FB accounts with further details on Monday, but the faster we can secure and train people, the faster we can go home!

Anyways, for your viewing pleasure, here are some photos of todays walk!

We found a cow!

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