Monday, January 14, 2019

Metro Dental Pampered Parent Fridays

So I’m sure when you hear the word “Dentist”, probably one of the last thoughts that comes to mind is relaxation and pampering. Well, I’m here to tell you that Metro Dental Care is set out to try and change that, and make going to the dentist a little more enjoyable and even easier if you’re a parent. 

Bennett and I recently spent the afternoon at Metro Dental Care… in particular their “Pampered Parent Fridays”. So what does a “Pampered Parent Friday” actually entail? While from the moment we stepped inside their office, we were greeted with several friendly from staff, and escorted over to the food + drink area and told to grab something to eat. Bennett and I were then shown to the back area where a professional care giver was present to watch your little one and even did provide some fun face painting. Due to his age and attention span, Bennett just received a little artwork on his cheek, however, I did see some additional work done on the slightly older kids – and let me tell you that this was no run of the mill face-painter, I’m talking a legit professional! 

Once Bennett was settled in the back, it was finally time for me to climb into that dentist chair. For this particular appointment, I opted to try out a whitening treatment, as I have been wanting to do one for the last few years. Growing up I feel like my teeth were relatively a decent shade of white, but in recent years, I have definitely noticed them becoming more and more discoloured and even become a bit self-conscious of that fact (and why I often smile with my mouth closed – especially if I know the photo is going to be up close). For this process, they first took impressions of my mouth, and quickly took them to the back while they set and finish out that process of making molds to make trays that fit onto my teeth perfectly. During that time, I was able to check on Bennett via their office tablet without having to even leave the dentist chair. They then did a quick floss and polish to finish out that part of my visit before proceeding with the massage – completing the pampered parent portion of my visit.

At the conclusion of my visit, I was quickly given some instructions on how to use my new whitening trays at home and reunited with Bennett while the care giver and staff just gushed at how cute he is and how happy and joy he was to watch over. Overall, Bennett and I had quite a fun time at Metro Dental Care (again, can’t believe I’m using the word fun while describing a dentist appointment!), and highly recommend them if you live here in Calgary. At the moment they offer Pampered Parent Fridays once a month, but hope to increase that frequency if interest continues to rise. It was just so great to be indulged during what’s admittedly an uncomfortable procedure, and also not have to worry about the possibility of having to arrange childcare in order to attend the dentist. Honestly, I think this is such a brilliant and genius idea for busy families like ours, and actually makes me look forward to my next visit to the dentist!

xo The Irvine Family

This sponsored blogpost was done in partnership with Metro Dental Care, but this review contains opinions + thoughts that are completely my own.