Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Crystal's Bridal Shower

I am so excited for Crystal's wedding this week! I already have my dress, shoes and jewelry all picked out, and have an idea of how I'm going to do my hair. About a month ago she had her Bridal Shower at the Fairmont Palliser downtown. We had High Tea in the Oak Room, and it was splendid afternoon. I started the day with some shopping with the Bride-to-be, and ended up buying a whole new outfit (including these awesome wedges that I got for $20!) for the Tea Party. We got to the Palliser around 1pm, and while Sherri and Bev put together the flower arrangements, Crystal and I finished getting ready in the bathroom. Soon everyone started to arrive, including my mom, Danika and baby Alexa! I had the spiced apple tea, and I loved the sugar stick that it came with to help sweeten up my tea. Lunch was finally served, and my favourites were the little sandwiches and scones. I love my sweets, chocolate and candy, but I just like the good ol' cheap stuff, and so I'm just not a fan on really fancy desserts. We talked lots and hung out, and it was just a great evening overall.
{Most photos provided by Ashley Strangleman}

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