Monday, December 23, 2013

3rd Annual Girl's Christmas

Danika, Crystal, Me, Ashley, Whitney and Bianca
So for a third year in a row, us girl’s decided to make memories instead of buying gifts for each other (read first year here, and second year here). It’s one of my favorite traditions, and I truly hope it continues. This year we decided to go for lovely dinner followed by watching a classic Christmas show – The Nutcracker.
I grew up dancing in the Nutcracker and it always helped make it feel like Christmas, and so I insisted that we go see it this year for our Annual Girl’s Christmas. We picked a date, bought tickets (which I ended up forgetting…) and chose a restaurant – The Ox and Angela. The food and service was amazing! We did the Spanish Table, which is very similar to a chef’s tasting. They brought out lots of little dishes full of smaller gourmet meals. My favorite was the Calabacines, which was a zucchini salad topped with almonds and cheese.
We finally made our way over to the Jubilee (traffic was crazy!), and though it wasn’t the smoothest transition into the theatre (Danika accidently hit one of the ushers in the face while trying to hold the door for us before they locked the rest of us out), we made it just in time. It’s funny thinking back to the fiasco, and though sometimes Danika does things that annoy or embarrass me, I still love her and she did after all save the day.
The performance was great, and the girls loved it. It was a great evening and so glad I was able to spend one last night with them before we all split for the holidays.

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