Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ugly Sweater Fondue Party

Calvin and Ashley
Sean and Andrew
Danika and Alexa
Danika and Chad
The girl's working on their gingerbread creations
The Fondue Girls
Me and Nick
A few months ago when my friends and I started talking about Christmas and all of our plans, parties and get-togethers, I decided that I wanted to have a simple and laidback evening to hang out with my favorite people during this crazy season. I quickly came up with having an Ugly Christmas Sweater theme as I’ve always wanted to go to one. We then decided to incorporate a fondue aspect and we were set. Besides, it was a great excuse to pull out the fondue set that Nick and I got from our wedding, but had been sitting in our garage untouched.

I was in charge of the meat fondue, Ashley did the cheese one, and Whitney volunteered to do a dark chocolate dairy free fondue. All three of us had never done a fondue party, and so I’m thrilled to say at what a total success it was. Seriously – it was all so good that we’re definitely going to do it again (we’ve already made plans to bring it to Whitefish at the end of January).

There were some great sweaters that were worn that night, but a shout out has to go to my sister Danika. Danika and Chad came in sweaters that Danika had made by hand with designs she had crocheted herself. Amazing!

Overall it was a great night filled with wonderful company, good food and gingerbread house making.

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