Thursday, May 29, 2014

Evanna | One Month

I can’t believe you are one month old Evanna! Where does the time go? I’m still adjusting to being a new mom, but at the same time everything feels so natural. I will admit that before you were born, I wasn’t sure if I would be cut out for this whole mommy thing, but I’m glad to say that I am loving it and I'm loving every bit of you! I’m also finding that I’m already starting to forget what life was like before you were here. You keep me super busy and my world now evolves completely around you. Daddy is so smitten by you and loves you so very much (which has made me fall in love with him all over again). With his work schedule, he actually gets lots of time with you, and helps out lots when it comes to feeding and changing your diapers so mommy can get a few good nights of sleep. We feel incredibly blessed that we got to take you home so quickly and get these first few months together as a family. We’re so proud of you and how well you are doing, and we are just praying that you continue to grow big and strong.

Weight: 7lb 4oz (Weight taken on May 22)

Height: 48cm | 18.9 inches (Height taken on May 22)

Clothing size:  You my dear, still fit newborn outfits perfectly, but I’m sure by next week you’ll finally be in 0-3 month clothing.

Diaper size: Newborn

Feeding: On average you eat about every 4 hours (sometimes it’s 3 hours, and sometimes it’s 5 hours), and you currently take in between 70-100mL. Your daddy and I try our best to make sure you eat, because gaining weight is very important for you and something the doctors watch very closely. Due to your heart beating extra fast (about 180bpm), you also burn extra calories – so every bit counts! A dietician from the Children’s Hospital called us a few days ago, and to help you get those extra calories, they’re having us add 1 tsp of formula to every 100mL of my breast milk.  

Milestones:  You like to hold your head up and everyone comments on how alert you are during certain times of the day.  You also like to head-butt your daddy when he burps you.

Loves: You LOVE being held and cuddled. Sometimes this isn’t the most convenient thing for me when I’m trying to get stuff done around the house, but I guess I should soak it all in and take advantage of it while I can. You also love being bundled up, your soother (or else you’re sucking on my finger or your own), warm baths, and sleeping on mommy. However, I can already tell you’re going to be a daddy’s girl. You are so content with him, and for some reason you tend to eat better for him.
Dislikes: You’re quite the spitty baby, and at times you get very angry after a big spit-up (I find it so cute though, because you’re really just getting angry with yourself). You also don’t like being hungry. 

Adventures: Well the first couple weeks after we brought you home were primarily spent at home because we were unsure of your immune system.  But since finding out that you have some sort of immune system, I have taken you to church and a few small stores. You’ve meet all of your grandparents and great-grandparents, and we’ve had tons of visitors. You’ve experienced your first of what will be many doctor appointments, which so far have gone well. You meet the whole Irvine side of the family at Grandma Cory’s 80th birthday and were adored by everyone at your great-aunt Debbie’s house for a Mother’s Day brunch.

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Your Grandmas, Aunt Danika and Aunt Megan. The first few weeks after you were born were quite the roller-coaster, and though we are thrilled to be home right now, it wasn’t something we were planning on, so we really didn’t have anything ready. None of your clothes had been washed, and your room hadn’t been touched, and the house was a bit of a disaster due circumstances. Thankfully between your grandmas and aunts, we came home to a relatively put-together house. Grandma Walford and Aunt Danika spent many nights at our house washing, going through and putting away all of your clothing. Then Grandma Sandy and Aunt Megan came over and helped your daddy clean the house, put together the bassinet and start on putting together your room. We are so thankful to them and all of their help, but I’m sure they were just so happy that you were coming home and they could meet you!
We also have to give a shout out to our friends Spencer and Whitney for coming over while we were in Edmonton to look after our kitties and make sure that not only did they have food and water – but also some love. 

And just for fun, a few of my favourite pictures from the past month:


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  3. She's so beautifully pink. I hope she stays that way for months to come. My TOFer goes for his full repair on Wednesday.