Monday, September 5, 2016

|| two peas in a pod ||

The bond between these two just absolutely melts my heart. I often tell people that Nick is the better parent when it comes to the day-to-day stuff – but with my differing strengths, I really believe Evanna gets the best of everything. Nick often focuses on the “now” – which includes showering her with love & attention and working on physical/occupational therapy, while I focus on what we need to do in regards to Evanna’s health and that things continue to run smoothly (ie. homecare and medical appointment schedules). He is one for “going with the flow” with what our medical team suggests, while I often question and research alternative options to ensure Evanna is getting the best care possible and make sure all her needs outside of our love are being met. There are so many ways that our parenting style differ, but the one thing that our medical team does agree on, is that Evanna’s amazing progress has been a testament to all of our hard work (mini shout out to our lovely homecare nurses who are also a big part of Evanna’s life and aid to not only in doing therapy activities when they’re here, but clearly love her dearly).

Nick’s attentiveness is clearly evident by their relationship. Back when we were still in hospital, there were many days where it was nearly impossible for me to get Evanna to smile, but Nick would walk in and the smiles would flow. She was certainly a “daddy’s girl” through and through, and he definitely liked to somewhat rub it in my face. However, I do have to chuckle because over the past few months, Evanna has begun to show a few moments of favoritism towards me, and it’s been fun to watch Nick get a little jealous when she has wanted me instead. One thing is for sure – Evanna is one well loved child by everyone involved in her life.

Last week I decided to take a few photos of Nick and Evanna together, as I wanted to capture their bond for my memory. 

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  1. Lovely Memories, these photos melt my heart. God Bless your little family. xo

  2. Aww! The father and daughter bond is a very strong one... I bet he wakes up at night dreading the day his little girl grows up!

    1. I agree. I think he wants his baby girl to stay little forever! xo