Thursday, March 30, 2017


Evanna's Dress - Feltman Brothers  // Evanna's Shoes - Sweet N Swag

When I was a little girl, Easter usually correlated with getting a new dress for church, a big family dinner on Easter Sunday, and of course – tons and tons of chocolate. This time of year never use to have so much impact on me, however, in recent years, it’s been a period that has both brought me to my knees in tearful prayer while also continuing to spark hope.

Our marriage actually began over a lovely Easter weekend almost 5 years ago surrounded by some of our closest friends and family. Like most things in my life at the time, it was articulately planned and the whole event was executed in an organized fashion (12 page itinerary and all!). There is almost nothing I would change about that day (well, except maybe the whole “every bridesmaid can choose their own dress” trend that became popular the following year – because that would have been awesome). Fast forward two years, and I would face one of many extremely hard Easter weekends that would test my faith, testimony and hope.
Three years ago – and almost 9 months pregnant, I packed my belongings and relocated to different city to prepare for the birth of our very ill daughter. For the first time in my life, I was alone, extremely scared, and somewhat isolated over Easter weekend during what should have been the happiest moment of our life with the arrival of a new baby. But it was throughout that time, that my thoughts turned to the significance of what Easter symbolized, and felt comfort in the thought that HE understood the turmoil and heartache I was experiencing. It was during that moment that the Saviour became my #PrinceofPeace, and to this day continues to calm my soul and lighten my load when life throws another curveball and our path gets a little shaky.

I’ve questioned a lot of things since the day we received news of our daughter’s terminal diagnosis and have moments that I wonder why our family has to endure this journey and great heartache, but when I take a moment to pray to my Saviour for peace and search for answers, I’m left seeing the bigger picture that only renews my faith and hope in HIS great plan.

Starting tomorrow (March 31st), I invite you to visit to learn more about the principles of peace and how they can bring you closer to the Savior this Easter season. I’m also interested to hear your stories on how you’ve incorporated those same principles (faith, compassion, forgiveness, repentance, gratitude, scripture, prayer and hope) into your life to draw you closer to the Lord.

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