Thursday, October 5, 2017

|| 2nd Trimester Summary ||

How far along? 31 weeks exactly. Part of me can't believe there's only about 2 months left before I'm full term, but then there are times that still feels pretty far away.

Maternity clothes? Yup....though I'm already starting to loose interest in maternity clothes a lot faster this time around. I remember when I was around 34 weeks pregnant with Evanna that I began to yearn for my regular closet -- this time it was 28wks lol. I purchased a few more pieces to get me through the last little bit, but I definitely can't wait to pack it all up again and stuff them back into storage (til next time that is....)!

Stretch marks? Eh -- finally seeing a few new ones popping up here and there.....sigh.

Sleep: Still pretty good. I definitely have a hard time flipping side to side during the night (and I end up somewhat bouncing the bed in the process which annoys Nick just a little lol), but I haven't reached that "up a million times each night" point and whatnot.

Best moment: Evanna starting preschool + really getting the hang of crawling! She's not sprinting off the home ventilator during all waking hours yet (we're working on it!)... so it makes for some interesting moments (ie. constantly having to run after her and rehook her up to the vent every time she disconnects herself due to running out of tubing...) -- but it's a "good problem" that I've been wishing for since the day we brought her home.

Miss Anything? My pre-pregnancy body and energy levels. I've been spending the last few days being a bit concerned about my energy levels and alarmed at how worn out I get with just the simplest of tasks. While tiredness is to be expected when you're pregnant, I don't remember being this run down when I was pregnant with Evanna and I still have 8-10wks left to go! Between homecare nurses that watch Evanna during the night that allow for a full nights sleep, and a wonderful hubby that does all the cooking and a fair amount of the housework, it's not like I being "run down" (I'm also only working part time, whereas I was working full time before I delivered Evanna), yet I start to feel faint and light headed when I have to stand for longer than 5 minutes. I've been considered borderline anemic in the past, and both Nick and my mom have made comments about me looking like I have "black eyes" in recent weeks (Nick actually thought I got punched lol). So I've decided that I'm going to ask to have blood work done when I see my OB next week, and hopefully see if we can get to the bottom of things before I'm further along in this pregnancy.

Movement: ALL.THE.TIME. I know this may be insensitive to say, but baby boy moves so much... and it's almost getting a little annoying and irritating. While I'm grateful to be reminded that "all is well" once in awhile -- it's beginning to get super uncomfortable and even painful at times (boy packs quite the punch I must say!).

Food cravings: None whatsoever

Gender: BOY!! (and I'm pleased to say that we've finally settled on a name too!)

Symptoms: Oh the HEART BURN! I finally gave in, and am downing the tums like nobody's business... but apparently I'm almost through the "worst of it" according to my OB, as my body is suppose to expand more outwards (as if I'm not big enough as it is...) and give my stomach more room to relax in coming weeks.

Belly Button in or out? Is flat an appropriate answer?? I never got that "bulging belly button" with Evanna... and so I'm just anticipating the same thing.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! Life is pretty good all things considering, and I have soo much to be grateful for right now (with Thanksgiving just around the corner, the subject may be currently on my mind lately). Evanna continues to being doing absolutely amazing, my pregnancy continues to be somewhat "boring" (I'm saying this in a positive tone), and I honestly have little to complain about. Between counting down the days til I deliver and slowly preparing for our surgery in California, I'm trying really hard to just enjoy the here and now. Our primary cardiologist called me yesterday to let me know the status of the out-of-country funding application (it's officially being submitted this week fyi), and we talked about the how everything feels like it did the summer before Evanna's first open heart surgery. I remember being soo impatient waiting for that first surgery to take place (as I am now with our impending trip to California) and how it felt like that day would never come -- when in reality, those first 5 months we got to spend at home the summer after Evanna was born were a blessing in disguise... and wish I would have cherished that time a little bit more. So I'm trying to remind myself to enjoy this period of health and stability, and relax, as both baby brother and the surgery will be here before we know it.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving, Halloween + my birthday! First up is Thanksgiving, and Nick and I are hosting two of them (one with his family on Saturday, and another with mine on Sunday), as I'd rather host this holiday vs Christmas when we'll be trying to adjust transitioning to a family of FOUR! As I stated in my last post, Thanksgiving is the only holiday we have not been able to celebrate at home with Evanna, as we've been admitted in hospital for this holiday for the past 3 years in a row -- but my fingers are crossed tightly and all signs are pointing to the fact that Evanna will indeed remain out of hospital this weekend!
Despite the fact that Evanna will have no idea what's going on when Halloween rolls around (so celebrating the holiday will be more for our benefit lol), we already have a costume picked out and Nick will be home to help take her trick-or-treating this year...  though I hope she enjoys herself a lot more this year than she did last
November always means the start of some birthday celebrations for myself. I will be considered "full term" the day after I turn 29 years old, and plans currently consist of dinner, a staycation at a really nice hotel with Nick, followed by a morning of brunch and complete pampering. I've also already made additional plans for pedicures with my girlfriends (which I'm also counting as my "baby shower"), and dinner with my family throughout the month.
All in all, I'm very much looking forward to October and November to say the least :)

xo The Irvine Family


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