Monday, October 6, 2014

Surgery Update

Evanna is out and doing great!! I don't think Nick and I have ever felt so relieved when Dr. Rebeyka came out and delivered the good news. Surgery was actually delayed until 10am as the perfusionist was called away (so they had to wait for him to come back), but in total the surgery was about 5 hours.

Dr. Rebeyka said he was able to insert a good sized conduit that should last her a while, and her collaterals came together nicely. However he couldn't close the VSD (which we knew was the more probable outcome), and so that will have to wait until her next big surgery.

Evanna is now on the PCICU (pediatric cardiac intensive care unit) and they're getting her settled in. She's still bleeding a little bit, but it's already slowing down. Dr. Rebeyka had to keep her chest open as there's some swelling, but he'll close it as soon as possible.
Right now the focus is on pain management and keeping her comfortable. She's still intubated and her oxygen levels are currently sitting in the mid 70s (because the VSD is still open), but that number is expected to rise over the next 24hrs.

While the actual surgery part is over, we still have a long ways to go, so please keep the prayers coming.

xo The Irvine Family

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  1. Dominic was in that same bed/bay after both his surgeries! Small world! He was in that bed the first time from August 18th - 28th, and then again from November 20th - 24th. Weird how things like that work out!