Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Ceremony

Mr. & Mrs. Nick Irvine

 Mom helping me with some last minute lipgloss

Obviously the whole point of the wedding is to actually get married. The ceremony was amazing. It was held at the DeWinton Community Hall which is just three doors down from Nick’s dad’s store – The DeWinton Country Store, which also use to be Nick’s house when he was just a little boy. The weather held up the entire day, with literally a couple of snowflakes and some cold wind towards the end. Bianca got ready at the Salon and then she and Carus headed over to the hall around 11:30am to make sure all the final preparations were getting underway. It was so nice to have a pair of eyes at the hall because I obviously couldn’t be there. My mom and Jennie (the photographer) left around noon to take some photos and make sure the all of the groomsmen hair was acceptable. Then around 1:30pm the rest of the Bridesmaids and Sandy all left the Salon and headed over to the hall after helping Bev stuff me into Bianca’s car. We drove really slow, as we were running ahead of schedule and there was no rush to get to the hall. Even after driving slow Bev and I still ended up being early and they weren’t ready for us. So Bev and I ended up jamming in the car listening to music while waiting for the Okay from Bianca telling us that they were ready for me. Once I got inside the hall I was rushed into the kitchen so Nick wouldn’t see me and my mom and dad came into to give some last words of engorgement. My mom helped apply some lip gloss before she had to leave to go to stand with Nick to walk down the aisle. I was so nervous and shaking so bad that I was clinging to my dad for support. Finally it was time to make that all important walk down the aisle. I remember that it took me a few moments to find Nick as I was just overwhelmed at how many people were there and my vision got a little blurred. I remember seeing his face and was thinking “Oh my gosh – he’s going to cry!” He actually didn’t, but he said it’s was because he was biting the inside of his check so hard. Bishop Craig did a great job. He did mess up a few times pronouncing my middle name and Nick’s last name wrong. Afterwards we were told that Bishop Craig had been practising our names the previous night so he wouldn't mess up. Oh well. He did however finally pronounce our names right at the very end! During his speech – Bishop Craig told us what love is in the minds of children. It was adorable. I just remember looking at Nick and praying that neither of us were going to cry. I think if we had to say anything other than “I Do”, I would have begun to cry. I also remember there were many hand squeezes exchanged throughout the ceremony. When it came time to exchange rings, I had forgotten to switch my engagement ring to my right hand and so I had to quickly change it. It also took a lot of effort to put Nick’s ring on. He has such thick knuckles! In all I think the ceremony went splendidly. It was short and sweet – which I know a lot of people were thankful for.

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