Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Move

- photo taken 1 week before possession -

Even though my blog is pretty much up to date – I still feel like I have neglected it. It’s probably because for the last several days I have not looked nor thought about my blog and we’ve been just so busy with the move. Prior to moving I was practically posting everyday with all of the wedding photos (and I am still not done posting all of the wedding photos), revamping the blog header and adding some of my favourite photos to the sidebar. The other thing that will probably limit me from posting over the next few weeks will be the lack of internet access. A week ago I did not think this would happen. We called Telus as soon as we knew our possession date to have them come and hook our TV and internet up, because Hubby knows that I love my internet and I am basically glued to my phone and laptop. So a Telus guy came on Saturday, but he could not hook up our TV and internet because of few reasons. Nick and I built a town home, and we were probably one of the first people to buy in the complex. We bought our town home way before they even started digging the show homes. We are also the very first people to move in, out of what’s probably going to be about 150 homes and because of that we are experiencing their growing pains.  So Telus did come, but the guy could not find the wires he needed too to hook up the internet. He eventually called his boss, and his boss also said that he could not find the copper wiring they needed and said that he may have to look into figuring out if we’re a fibre only location, which means that have to send a special technician come out to hook up our internet. The funny thing is they had another Telus guy come out on Sunday to try the same thing all over again. Basically I guess what’s happening is that the communication between the city of Calgary and Telus has not occurred and there is just a little bit of a mix up. Nick is taking care of all of this, but what we do know is Telus is talking to the city of Calgary today and hopefully by tomorrow they will have a better idea as to when we will get our cable and internet. So for the next week or so, I am going to have to go without internet – and in the moments of dire need I will just head over to Bianca’s to get my fix (which is how I am posting this entry).

Overall the actual move went fine. I just can’t believe how long it takes to set everything up. This is our first home, so we actually didn’t have too many personal things to move, but we had a lot of furniture we have to assemble and build, which I think takes a lot longer to do then to actually move. Thank goodness for all the help that we’ve been getting. My dad has been a superhero with helping us move and also setting up all of our walk-in closets. We didn’t want Brookfield Homes to install the closet organizers that they provide because they’re really simple and I really wanted beautiful closets. Last Friday and part of Saturday he did our bedroom closet and tonight my dad is coming over to install the guest bedroom closet which will allow for more storage. Also Nick’s brother Kris has been super amazing and helped us all day on Saturday. Nick’s mom helped me with putting everything away in the kitchen and both Sandy and Ray (Nick’s parents) assembles our kitchen table, 2 benches and 4 stools. I put the couches together (while putting a few scratches into the new hardwood floor – oops) and Nick and I worked on our bedroom, which we basically got done in a few hours and is probably the only room setup in the entire house. I will be sure to post pictures once I am satisfied with how everything looks. Well – maybe when everything is set up, because I will not be satisfied until we get some walls painted and wallpaper on - which will take many months to complete. I just can’t wait for everything to be generally set up and organized! Sunday we went to church and we attended our new family ward for the very first time! That was definitely an experience in its self. We came home and I went and got more things to bring over from my old place and made dinner while Nick assembled the TV stand. Finally after supper and unpacking a few more boxes we popped in a movie (National Treasure – it was the first movie we saw together on one of our first dates) and cuddled on the couch., I think I am going to enjoy the marriage life ;)

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