Friday, May 25, 2012

private vows

I wanted to exchange some personal vows on our wedding day instead of just the normal "I Do's", because I feel it's more personal and I really wanted to say  a few things to Nick and I also wanted to hear his thoughts and feelings. Well Nick did NOT want to exchange personal vows in front of everyone at the Ceremony as Nick is sort of a private person (unlike me - I blog, tweet, facebook, update and instagram everything). I think he was also afraid that if he had to say more than 3 words during the ceremony, he would begin to cry a little bit - and men are not allowed to cry, especially when there is people around. So we compromise and decided to exchange our personal vows when we were done taking photos but before we headed back to the rececption. I think overall this was the best decision we made and it just allowed us that one special and private moment together.