Tuesday, July 10, 2012

calgary stampede 100

So Stampede has come and gone already. I was looking forward to the Calgary Stampede this year for a long time, and I can’t believe it’s already over. At the end of May, I purchased what I thought was the Grandstand Show tickets. Not only did I purchase my own ticket, but I also bought 11 other tickets! They were for my whole family and a couple friends. Well on Friday, the day before we were supposed to attend the stampede, it came to our attention that I actually had purchased the Grandstand Rodeo tickets! I was mortified. I felt so bad, because everyone had given me money to purchase the tickets together, and I screwed it up. I also really wanted to go to the Evening show, because Paul Brandt was playing. Well in the end when I thought all was lost and I ruined Stampede 100, everything actually ended up working out better than what was planned.  
All together, it was my Grandparents, parents, Danika, her step-daughter Phoenix, Austin, Bev, Nick and I that all went to the Calgary Stampede. Bianca ended skipping out because she had all of her wisdom teeth taken out last week, and was still not feeling well. I also got a ticket for my friend Kevin, but he never showed up (apparently he had brunch with friends, and fell asleep on their couch and didn’t wake up till much later). I originally didn’t plan on going to the stampede till much later in the day, but the rodeo started at 1:15, and I was still on the fence about whether to go to the rodeo, or try and sell the tickets. Anyways, we all were suppose to go separately and just meet up at the stampede – but for some reason we all ended up at the same C-Train station at the same time. It was kind of hilarious. In the end, only Danika and Phoenix sold their tickets (for full price) and used the money for rides while the rest of us went to the rodeo. Well I am glad we went. The rodeo was actually really good. I enjoyed it so much, that I can’t wait to go again next year. While Danika was selling her tickets, we also all purchase rush standing room tickets for the evening show. Other then standing for hours – it was the best view I have ever had of the Grandstand Show. I was only behind a couple of people, but still was able to see almost everything.
It was a great day that I got to spend with my family and friends, and we all can’t wait to do it again next year. We have already decided that we’re going to get tickets next year for both events and buy them in like March so we can get amazing seats. 
Prepare for picture overload! 

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