Tuesday, July 31, 2012


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Kevin photo bombing our picture
Earlier this month Nick and I finally had our housewarming party. Even though we moved into our place back at the beginning of May, it took us until July to feel comfortable to have people over for a party. It takes a lot of effort to make your first place feel like home, and lots of work when you have to start from scratch to decorate it. This is our first place together, and before that we both lived with other people. Between the 2 of us we had 2 sets of mattresses (one that we ended up throwing out because it was very old), 1 scratched headboard, and 2 bookshelves. Nick, being the super-saver that he is, had some money saved up, and 2 weeks before our wedding, and a month before our possession, we decided to venture out and purchase some of our big purchase items. We ended up getting a really nice kitchen table set with additional matching barstools and my beautiful custom couch. I love my couch so much, and I seriously get so many compliments on it. The couch did cost us a lot, and it’s very nice considering we are first time homeowners and one of us is still a student. However, I plan on having this couch for years to come, and it can accommodate a lot of people. We also got a new mattress set (for an amazing deal) and a whole new bedroom set. The bedroom set isn’t exactly what I had dreamed of, but it was really hard for us to agree on one, and I finally just gave in (for now). I’m sure in about 5 years, I will push for one that I really want, and I’m sure I’ll eventually get my way ;)
 Anyways, I’ll have to do a house post and I’ll talk more about what we’ve done/planning on doing with the place in a different post. 

Our Housewarming party was on July 20, and we had a lot of people come and visit us. Nick didn’t think we would have that many people come, but I proved him wrong. We are definitely loved and I am truly grateful for all of our friends that came and showed their support. It was a great night (very hot, might I add) with some good food (thanks Melissa for the amazing salsa) and great company. Some came just for an hour or so (which is fine with me, at least we got to see their wonderful faces) and some stayed the whole night. It was great to see the regular group, but it was awesome that we got to see some people that we haven’t seen in awhile.
Can’t wait till our next party!

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