Sunday, December 16, 2012

2nd Annual Girl's Christmas

Last year we decided that instead of trying to figure out & buy gifts for each girl, that we would instead spend the money on one great evening. Last year we went to the Paul Brandt concert and we got 2nd row seats. It was such a great night, and we still have such great memories from that evening, that we decided to do the same type of thing this year.
This year we added my sister Danika & Ashley into our night out, as we have grown really close to these girls over the past year.
We first started out at Butter Beauty Bar in Calgary to get our hair done. After we all got dressed & finished doing our makeup, we then headed to different spots around Calgary and took lots of photos! Let’s just say that I really want to invest into a really nice camera and tripod stand for myself now! It was fun, and I hope we do something like that again next year. We then grabbed some yummy hot chocolate over in Inglewood and proceeded to Rouge Restaurant for an extremely yummy dinner! Dinner was so much fun, and I learnt a little too much information! I seriously love these girls so much, and I feel so blessed to have them in my life. I already can’t wait until next Christmas!

I'm going to have to get this one framed!
 Love this pic of Bev & Me!
 Ashley, Crystal, Bev, Bianca, Me & Danika
 Bianca, Bev, Danika, Ashley, Crystal & Me
 Bianca & I
All pictures taken from Bianca, Ashley & My camera

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