Thursday, December 27, 2012


Christmas seems to never end this year. I’m exhausted, but so happy that I got some time off work. December started off with Operation Christmas Child Service Activity with the New Brighton Relief Society, followed by the Ward Christmas Party the next day. I'm really beginning to like our ward and starting to feel like we belong.
The Wakeford Christmas Party was held on December 8, and that really helped kick off the Christmas Season. It was such a fun night, and loved being surrounded by people that I love.
As far as family Christmas dinners go, Nick and I started at his Aunt Debbie’s house for the extended family dinner a few weeks ago. We did a $50 gift exchange, and I ended up with an ice cream maker! Nick wasn’t too pleased (he doesn’t like it when I eat ice cream), but I was ecstatic at the possibility of making my own ice cream. I have already made a batch, and it was soo good! It seriously is better than the store bought stuff.
The weekend after we had another dinner with Nick’s family, but this time it was just a smaller gathering. It was held at his mom’s house, and we did another gift exchange. I ended up with the present I brought, which is fine with me, because it was a super fuzzy and soft blanket.
The next day was Sunday (December 23), and my whole family including my grandparents and Nick's mom came to our Ward to watch Nick be ordained as an Elder. It was a special moment watching my dad ordain Nick and it just makes me so excited for January. They all came over to our place after for supper and dessert.
Monday was Christmas Eve, and it’s usually the day that we spend Christmas with my side of the family. Nick and I picked up Bianca at 3:30 and we headed out to Okotoks for dinner. I helped my mom finish making dinner as everyone finished arriving. Dinner was super good, and I probably gained a few lbs. over Christmas. Best part of the night was playing pounce with the family. Nick and I were partners and we won both rounds! We all opened a few family gifts and I think we headed home around midnight.
We slept in on Christmas morning, because Nick had to work Christmas night, so let’s just say that we opened gifts later than I have ever before. Bianca came over just before noon and we made cinnamon waffles, bacon and eggs. The rest of the day, we just relaxed and sat around being a little lazy. I think we just didn’t want to do too much because we were exhausted from the past several weeks of plans, parties and get-togethers. Overall we wanted a quiet Christmas because we’ve had a very busy year, and needed a little “us” time.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas and were surrounded by people they love the most!

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