Tuesday, December 18, 2012

christmas party - part 2

We got the pictures back from Jennie (Guenard Photography), and I had to share most of them. Again, it was was great night, with so many great people. Can't wait till next year. Enjoy the pictures.

 Sherri & Bianca
 Bianca & Ashley
 Bianca, Crystal & Ashley
Amanda & Me
 Love this pic! Crystal, Kevin & Me
 So cute. Ashley & Calvin
 The Irvine Family
 Crystal & Bianca
 Crystal, MJ & Bianca
 MJ, Crystal, Bev & Bianca
 Crystal, Me, Bev & Bianca
What a cute little family
 Crystal & Andrew
 My handsome hubby!
 Amanda & Matt (I think that's Joe giving her bunny ears)
 Matt & Amanda (without the bunny ears)
 Nurf Gun fight!
 Me & Bianca
 The girls. Love this picture!
Merry Christmas!
 Best Friends!
 Crystal & Andrew. What a beautiful couple!
 What a great pic of Matt & Amanda
 Joe & Melissa. She looks gorgeous here.
 We're such goofs
 Aww. Poor Kevin
So nice that Bianca stepped in.

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