Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fernie Holiday

Day One

Classic Car Picture

 The Cabin!
Bianca and Nick fighting over who gets to start the fire.

So Nick and I left early Friday morning to Fernie with Crystal and Bianca. They had to make a stop in Lethbridge for a quick business trip, so they dropped Nick and I off in Fort McLeod on their way there so we could visit my Grandparents. We had lunch with my grandma and grandpa and a nice visit (ending up helping my Grandma figure out a few things on her Facebook). Bianca and Crystal picked us back up around 1pm and we all continued on our way to Fernie after picking up a few supplies. 
The Cabin was so beautiful and perfect. I have since learned that the cabin we rented actually belongs to friends of my Aunt and Uncle and the owners live in Okotoks. Just another reminder that we live in a small world. My Aunt and Uncle have also stayed in that same cabin - just thought it was a funny coincidence.
Anyways, us four got there first, followed by our new friends Braden and Shalene, and then Kris. The rest of the boys showed up a bit later because they couldn't leave Calgary until some of them finished school or got off work. We played multiple rounds of Dutch Blitz while waiting for the guys to arrive, though I didn't loose that often, I definitely have room for improvement. I really just want to beat Kurtis. He's just too good at that game. Bianca made some yummy pulled pork and we played Cards Against Humanity before we all headed to bed so we could have an early start to the hill.

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