Friday, September 27, 2013

Old Photos: Walford Edition

One thing about me, if you haven't already noticed, is that I love photos, especially old ones. Old photographs hold a special place in my heart, because they are rarer. These days it's easy to have thousands of photos saved on your computer in such a short span of time. Digital cameras allow us to take over a hundreds photos in one afternoon, and we can quickly go through and delete the ones we don't like, and still have a bulk left over. That was just not possible even 20 years ago. I try my best to collect as many old photos from my family as I can because it is captured a moment in time. It is something I can look at and show my future children. It gives us a glimpse into the past, and there is so much beauty in that.
For my family, it is way easier for me to collect photos on my mom's side as I am closer to them and we see them a lot. My dad's side however, is quite a different story. My dad was given up for adoption at the age of 5 after his mom brought him to Canada. He lived in foster homes for many years (particularly the Vetro's whom we call Nono and Nona). He was finally adopted by my Grandpa Tom Walford when he was teenager, and most of the Walford's (and Vetro's who my dad is still very close with) live back in Ontario. Grandpa Tom lives in BC, and we only see him about once a year. I've only meet the Walford's in Ontario twice.  However my dad is big into genealogy (which I find boring, but my mom says my love for old family photos shows I indeed have an interest in genealogy), so he is pretty persistent and does his best to collect photos and documents from his family out East, which he then passes onto me. So here are a few photos I have been able to collect!

Great Grandpa Walford
Great Grandpa Walford and Grandpa Tom

The Walford Cabin my dad spent summers at
Great Grandpa and Grandma Walford and Grandpa Tom with his sisters
Grandpa Tom

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