Saturday, October 5, 2013

September Long Weekend

Well this is my last post that I have to be finish before I will be finally caught up. The actual month of September was slow thank goodness, because as soon as October/November hits, holiday mode will kick in and lots of posting will be going on – that’s a promise.
Starting last year, my mom, sister and I have all decided to do a Walford Girl’s getaway every September long weekend (view last year’s trip here). Usually I do most of the planning as far as booking the hotel we’re going to stay and look into restaurants to eat at, because that’s my thing (planning!).

This year we decided on Sylvan Lake because it wasn’t too far, as we had my 5 month old niece Alexa. Knowing that Sylvan Lake and summer long weekend’s go hand in hand, I booked the hotel back in January (I kid you not), and I am glad I did, because that little town was busy! We left on a Saturday afternoon and checked in that evening. After getting settled we headed for some supper at Pete’s at the Beach. It was located on the main street in Sylvan Lake, and I’m glad that we went that night, because every time we walked past it following Saturday, it looked like it was closed for the season. We ended up just getting a bunch of meals like pizza, creaser salad & fries and shared between the three of us. After we headed to the Big Moo Ice Cream Parlour, which we did every day – because while Kierra is away, she gets to play! Nick isn’t a fan of my ice cream habit, so I take advantage when he isn’t around…

After we got back to the hotel, we decided to hit up the pool and relax, but it was so cold! We only stayed in the “hot tub” for 30 minutes before heading back up to our room to take baths, just so we could warm up! Don’t worry – the hotel made sure to make up for us the next day.

On Sunday we headed into Red Deer before church to grab some breakfast at Cora’s. It was busy, but the line was moving. I got the Nutella and banana crepe, and it was huge! I ended up only eating about half of it, because it was so sweet and I decided it would be the last time that I ordered such a sweet breakfast. I’ll stick to my hash browns and egg or waffles next time. After we went to church we decided to go to the mall and walk around and maybe do a little vacation shopping.
We came back to Sylvan Lake and walked to Bamboo Hut for supper. This was probably the best of all the restaurants we went to in Sylvan. The food was good, and the prices and service was even better!
Later that night thee town displayed some fireworks which we got to go watch. When we got back to the hotel we wanted to hit the pool which we knew may be closed, however we convinced the front desk that since we didn’t get to enjoy it the previous night, to keep it open a little later. After the pool and playing a couple rounds of Killer Bunnies we called it a night.
On Monday we walked all the way from our hotel to this restaurant called Blondies, which took us a good 25 minutes. It was alright, the food was good, but our order got messed up big time, and wasn’t that impressed overall.
After a good rest we headed to Krray Family Farm out near Lacombe. It was a neat little place, with a corn maze, petting zoo, slides, a balloon trampoline thingy, etc. It would be an excellent place to come back to when we have more kids, and they’re a little older than 5 months. By the end of the day, I was ready to go home and see my husband. We ended up just having Booster Juice and Taco Time for supper as we weren’t super hungry, and we were done with eating big meals.
Danika and Alexa
Alexa and I
Grandma holding Alexa. This picture was harder to take then it looks. Alexa was D-O-N-E with us and all our picture taking.

The next morning we packed up, and after eating breakfast we headed home. I was glad to finally be home. Nothing beats your own bed and husband.

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