Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

 | 12 Weeks |

1. Evanna has discovered her hands. When she's awake and on her activity mat, her hands are full on in her mouth if her soother falls out | 2. Speaking of her activity mat - we've recently gotten into a little routine of eating, 5 minutes of tummy time (or as long as she will handle), 30 minutes of activity mat (again for as long as she will handle it), cuddles and hanging out and then nap until the next feeding | 3. Even though she's really hungry for the day's first feeding - Evanna is super happy in the morning. Her morning smiles are the best | 4. If she overtires herself and is fighting sleep - a tight swaddle has not let me down (so far...) | 5. Car rides have become a hit and miss these days. Sometimes she falls asleep right away, other times it takes 10 minutes of crying before she finally gives in.

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