Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Evanna's Birthday by Guenard Photography

I believe since November, my good friend Jennie of Guenard Photography has been asking if she could come take photos of our family in the hospital, as way to help document our journey. She also happens to our wedding, engagement, newborn and family photographer, so I definitely trust her work. For awhile I said "not yet", as I didn't feel it was appropriate to take professional photos while Evanna was still technically intubated. It also didn't help that every time we are in Calgary, we ended back up in Edmonton just as quickly as we came. Well, timing finally alined, and we were able to take some family photos for Evanna's birthday. This will be {Part 1} of a two part series, with this post focusing on the birthday details, while {Part 2} will focus more on the family photos. Hope you enjoy!
Thank you so much to everyone that mailed Evanna a birthday card. Due to circumstances I still haven't had a chance to count how many we actually received, but one things for sure - we got a LOT!
Decorations made by Lovely Little Things
From Jess Jeanson
Bracelet: Elaine Baker Toy: Danielle Browning

×× Stay tuned for {Part 2} coming next week! ××

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