Monday, June 22, 2015

Family Photos in the PICU

Here's {Part 2} of our family photos done by Jennie of Guenard Photography. Originally Nick thought that it was kind weird to being taking professional photos while in the PICU, but when we were talking about it with our nurse, she stated "well yes, but not many people spend such a long time in here". It was a perfect answer. While I would never wish this journey on anyone, it has brought our family together, made us stronger and we're all that better for it.

"Don't look for new landscapes, use new eyes to see what is already there" - Gerald Causse
{Part 1}

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  1. I love these! Your photographer did such a great job and someday you'll be so glad you have pictures from the PICU even if it seemed weird at the time. I'm still sad we weren't able to get a photographer to the NICU for our month we were there but it didn't work out so we only have what we took ourselves. Oh the lead on the toe for the pulse - that is our son's least favorite lead of all! :)

    I've been curious, if you're wiling to share - what are Evanna's weight and height? She just seems to be growing so well!