Monday, August 13, 2012

Walford Family Announcement‏

I’m going to be an AUNT! Danika and Chad are having their first baby and we believe Danika will due sometime in March. She won’t know the exact due date until her first ultrasound which isn’t for another month.
It’s been so hard keeping this secret over the past couple of weeks, but of course we wanted to wait until Danika was sure that everything was good to go! I did let it slip to a few people (like Nick and Bianca – but these two are my personal journals, and I tell these two everything).
The news did come with some initial shock, as they weren’t necessarily trying to have a baby and were thinking of waiting a few more years before starting a family, but sometimes Heavenly Father has plans of his own. My excitement has grown so much over the past couple of weeks, and my scepticism has completely changed to sheer joy.
Danika is going to be an awesome mom, and I truly wish them all the best. She will definitely be the cool mom, and I know that this baby will be such a blessing and will fill their life with so much love. Can’t wait to find out what this little one will be. I secretly (well, it’s not much of a secret) hope Danika has a little girl. I totally see Danika with a little girl, but a boy would be sweet as well. I also can’t wait to throw an amazing baby shower for Danika. I plan on going all out and host one of the best baby showers ever! 

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