Wednesday, January 2, 2013


So 2013 has only just started, and already there are so many things happening this year, its crazy!
I know 2012 was a great year, and the best year I have ever had (hello – I got married), but 2013 is looking like it has a chance to be just as good.
Nick and I are going to hosted a little get together at our house for New Years Eve. I invited a bunch of people, but it’s for people that don’t have any other plans. Usually I get sad when people don’t come to the parties I (and my friends) plan, but for this one, I really didn’t care because New Years Eve usually is busy and there are lots of other parties going on that evening anyways.
January is seriously shaping up to be an insanely busy month! I swear it’s going to be just as busy as December. First, Nick and I have been invited to his dad’s 20/60 party, which sounds like so much fun. Nick’s dad turn 60 at the beginning of the month, and his sister turns 20 at the end of the month, so they usually have a combined family birthday in the middle. A bunch of my friends like Crystal and Bianca have been invited – as well as my parents. I just love that our families get along, and it will be nice to have a party with everyone there.
The weekend after that, Nick and I will finally be sealed together in the Calgary Alberta Temple. I am just so excited, and I feel like we’re getting married again! Haha. It will seriously be another very long day, as we are getting our Endowments that morning, and then we get sealed later that afternoon. Once we have photos taken both with family, and then finally just us – we have to head back to Okotoks that evening for an Open House being hosted by my parents. Oi.
Finally the last weekend of January, Nick and I will be going to a surprise party! I can’t say much, because I don’t want to ruin the surprise (and I've been known to do that) – but I promise to post about it after it’s all done!
Not too much is happening in February at the moment, but I think that will be a good thing, because March will be a little busy again. I will be hosting my sister’s baby shower, which I just have so many ideas for already! I am so excited for her, as I hope this will be the start of some good karma that she so desperately needs (once things clear up – which may not be for awhile, I will for sure be doing a post on my sisters/family’s situation. All I can say is wow – there are some awful people in this world).
I am so excited for April! First Nick and I will be celebrating our 1st Year Anniversary. We may not do anything too exciting as Nick will be finishing up school, but it will be cool to say that we have been married for a year. Right around the same time, I hope that we will be welcoming a little bouncing baby into the family. I am going to be an Aunt! I just can’t wait, and hopefully this will tide me over for a little bit, or this may just make my baby fever worse!
Half way through April, Crystal, Bianca and I are heading up to Edmonton for Bev’s birthday. Danika won’t be able to come, because she will have her hands full with a newborn. I’m really excited for this, because usually Bev has to come down here, but it will be a nice change to go up there and be with her for her birthday.
By May, we will probably have Danika’s baby blessing, for which my dad will be the one to do the blessing. It will be a special moment for our family, and something I am looking forward too.
One of the other months that I am looking most forward too, will be June. One of my best friends Crystal is getting married! I just can’t wait to help her get ready and see her marry Andrew. They’ve been together more than 5 years, and they make such an awesome couple.
Later this summer, my friends and I want to plan a camping trip. It has seriously been about 4 years since we have last gone camping (2008?), and so we feel we are long over due for a camping trip with the whole group. We’re going to plan it way in advance, so everyone will have lots of time to book off work and I know I for sure want to avoid going on a long weekend, as it will be harder to get a camping site, and more bans are put in place.
Before you know it we head into Fall and Winter. In October, Nick should be writing his ACP exam to hopefully finally become a Paramedic. November will be filled with birthdays, and then the Christmas season begins to gear up again, and we’re back were we started – with another year gone!
Here’s to 2013, and that we all have a fantastic year!

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