Monday, January 21, 2013

green leather studded jacket

A few weekends ago, we went out to Nick’s dad’s house to celebrate Megan & Ray’s birthday. Ray (Nick’s dad) called it the 20/60 party because Megan was turning 20 this month, and Ray turned 60. It was a fun night, but the best part was when Nick pulled out his jacket that he wore all throughout high school. Whenever I try to describe what Nick was like back in high school, the first thing I say to people is “Well, he wore this Green Leather Studded jacket”. According to Sandy, Nick spent hours putting studs on it. Back then I thought the jacket it was hideous, but I kind of love it now. Nick keeps it stored at his dad’s house partly out of fear that I may secretly get rid of it, and maybe a few years ago I may have toyed with that idea. However that jacket has become sort of sentimental to me, and maybe, just maybe, Nick will bring it home one day.

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