Monday, December 1, 2014

Holding Pattern

A recap of days 53, 54, 55, 56 & 57 in the PICU.

Just doing a small update before a bunch more days past us by. I was hoping that our next post would be coming to you from Edmonton, but we're still in Calgary. They originally wanted to transfer Evanna on Sunday, but in true hospital fashion, that didn't happen. Evanna is a priority, and both ENT and cardiology are wanting to see her as soon as possible, so the transfer is now happening tomorrow (it's all due to a very tight bed situation at the Stollery).

Other then today (she's been extremely grumpy and irritable for the past 36 hrs), we've been getting lots of smiles and cuddles in over the past week. We're anxious to move forward and past this "holding pattern" that we've been in for the past few weeks, and work towards getting Evanna home. While I've regained some patience knowing we're going to be in the hospital for months to come, nothing brings my impatience to the surface like a good ol' fashion delay.

On Saturday, Evanna turned 7 months old, and so I brought in a special headband to mark the occasion. It's been a little hard on me personally every time we pass her "monthly birthdays" in the hospital and it's a little kick to the stomach reminding me of just how long we've been in the hospital and everything that we're missing by not being at home. I never took a picture of her in her 6 month headband, but I think I was dealing with some denial at that point. I have days where I hate Facebook and Instagram, because it's an instant reminder of how abnormal our life is right now, and how "unfair" this has all been. I don't necessarily like writing and being so public about the negative and depressing feelings I've been having, but blogging this journey has been somewhat therapeutic for me, and I know I'll appreciate my honesty later in the future. For the most part I'm still positive and try to look at the daily silver linings, so please don't worry about my emotional well-being - we're handling everything relatively well.

Thank you so much to everyone that fasted and prayed for our family and little Evanna yesterday. We definitely felt all the love and support from everyone, and we appreciated it very much.

xo The Irvine Family

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