Monday, April 20, 2015

Presurgery Update

Just wanted to post a quick update before tomorrow, as a few things have happened over the course of the day, and things have been a little crazy around here. Right after rounds this morning, Evanna went for her CT Angiogram. It went very well, and I was shocked when they told me they didn't even have to sedate her! They said she was so well behaved and rocked the Angiogram.
However, we do have a major concern, and that is her mechanical valve has completely clotted and the leaflets aren't moving at all! This morning Dr. Ryerson couldn't hear the "clicking" sound and ordered a stat ECHO after her CT. Dr. Rebeyka just landed back to Edmonton (someone told me he was in France at a conference?), and has been made aware by email. They've decided to hold back on a TPA infusion, because it would make Evanna's blood "oozy" for surgery, and because it clotted in an open position, it's best they leave it alone. Due to the latest developments, they may now bump her from second case to first case tomorrow. It's been a nerve racking day, and tomorrow can't come soon enough!

Finally, in preparation of tomorrow's surgery, they will be taking Evanna's trach out and reintubating her. Not sure how I feel about this...but I know it's ONLY for surgery.
Lots and lots of prayers will be greatly appreciated tomorrow, and I'll be sure to keep you all updated!

xo The Irvine Family

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  1. Kierra, I just wanted to say I hope you know how incredibly blessed Evanna is to have you and Nick as her parents. I randomly came across your Instagram page and being a medical school student, I was really curious about Evanna's diagnosis and treatment. After reading a few of your Instagram posts I went to your blog and have read about your journey with Evanna from the beginning. I know you must get so many people who tell you this, but your story has truly touched me and even though I've never met you or your family, I feel like I'm so invested in your journey. Your good news updates bring tears of joy and anytime I read about the setbacks/complications my heart goes out to Evanna. You have thousands of people- family, friends and strangers- praying for your family, and I'm one of them. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you, Nick and Evanna all the luck in this journey. Evanna is in my thoughts and prayers.