Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cardiac Cath Results

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Where do I begin? So just like Dr. Rutledge predicted, Evanna's cardiac cath took just over 4 hours. I am honestly still trying to digest everything she told me, as sometimes keeping up with everything Dr. Rutledge says isn’t that easy (she an incredibly smart and talented woman). While I know more than the average mom (I think I deserve some sort of Respiratory or Nursing degree after all of this), I still have moments where some things just go completely over my head and wish Nick were here to catch what I miss (unfortunately Nick had to work today, and while I'm sure his boss would have given him the day off if he asked for it, Nick tries to be really careful of what days he really needs to request off. Unfortunately, the world continues to move forward no matter how long your child is in the hospital and the bills don't just pay themselves).

Anyways, from a "procedural" point of view, they only ended up ballooning one collateral on the right side and didn't insert a single stent. Dr. Rutledge stated that Evanna’s collaterals on the right side looked good, but they are incredibly concerned with her collaterals on the left. Her left collaterals are very narrow where they come into her conduit. In fact, they are only about 1mm in size and they were unable to thread a wire into them. However, as you get closer to her left lung, the collaterals begin to widen a little bit, and so tomorrow Dr. Rutledge and Dr. Rebeyka will be going over the cath done today, her cath back in December and her last CT Angio to discuss options. What they're hoping is that her collaterals will be big enough just before they go into lung tissue (once arteries reach lung tissue, surgeons are unable to touch/do anything about them... am I losing any of you yet?) and see if they can either place a shunt or somehow use grafts to help increase blood flow to Evanna's left lung. So to sum everything up, we are mostly likely facing another MAJOR surgery in the very near future (like in the next week). They'll probably do another left thoracotomy, but until Dr. Rutledge and Dr. Rebeyka can meet and talk about everything, I have no details to share. All I know is that Evanna needs another surgery, and sooner rather than later. 

Evanna tolerated the procedure very well, they gave her all fresh lines (arterial, IJ and a new head IV….can’t wait for that one to stop working) except her trusty ol’ PICC line, and they changed out her trach as they reintubated her for the procedure. I just told Dr. Rutledge that she did my job for me, as Evanna needed a new trach change today anyways.

It’s been another long day, and I’m still processing the news. The fact that we are facing yet ANOTHER major surgery is heart wrenching, and I just don’t know what else to say at the moment. We are no longer looking to transfer back to Calgary in a couple of days like I was hoping, and it looks like we’ll be sticking around in Edmonton for a little while yet.

Thanks for the continued love, support and prayers.

xo The Irvine Family

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+ We now have an official Facebook page! I only do blog updates every 2 - 6 days, but I try my best to do daily Instagram (@kierrai) and now Facebook updates for those following closely to our little heart journey. If you want your daily fix of Miss Evanna, click HERE or search "The Irvine Home // Evanna's Special Heart" to find our Facebook page.

+ Did you know that STARS Ambulance tweets about their calls? I looked back and found the one of them that was for Evanna, however even through an advanced search and trying to scroll to Evanna's February 26 STARS transfer, I was unable to locate that tweet (it won't let me scroll back past March 3 for some reason...grr). They don't reveal any patient information, but based on the date and call type, I was able to figure out which one was ours:

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