Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Evanna’s New Nursery Reveal

Designing a nursery for a new baby is something that every mom loves doing and thinks about from the moment she finds out she is pregnant. Due to so many unknowns, we originally just got a crib set up, but had major plans in mind once we brought her home.  When Evanna was able to come home at just 10 days old (which we didn’t expect), Nick’s mom and sister rushed around getting the rest of the room set up (changing table, antique rocking chair), while my mom and sister finished washing and folding all of Evanna’s clothing. For those 5 months that Evanna was home, she primarily slept in our room in a bassinet beside our bed (thanks again Kassandra for the bassinet), and it was only just before we went up to Edmonton for her first open heart surgery, that we began transition Evanna to her crib.

When it came time to think about bringing Evanna home again after she got her trach, I knew things had to change and we had to make space to accommodate her new equipment and night staff. I’m apart of a private trach mama Facebook group, and people often share their child’s room setups. It was definitely helpful and I got a few good ideas from them, but I was dead set on making sure her room would still be like a baby’s room and NOT a hospital room. My main focus was to make sure we kept it clear of things we didn’t need and still make it a space that was both cute and functional.

Finally, since I was pregnant, I absolutely fell in love with these children play teepee's and knew I wanted to have one made for our own home. Earlier this year, when Evanna was still in the ICU, I contacted Courtney from Tnee's Teepees about a custom order. I thought it would be a great slurge for a long overdue Christmas, Birthday and coming home gift which now includes a second Christmas. She loved the idea and I provided her with links to fabric that I fell in love with on I also became aware of a local quilter named Cherisa of The Blanket Thief and asked if she would make a quilt to coordinate a matching blanket to complete the look. I am over the moon with the results and while it's more of a decorate piece at this very moment, I know Evanna will love playing in it years to come (her cousin Alexa already proved my point as to it's awesomeness, as it was a complete hit with her). The Teepee, Quilt + matching Floor Pillow arrived this past month and  so I was finally able to finish Evanna's room and take some pictures!

** Before you scroll down through the pictures, there are technically a few things missing that are added when Evanna goes to bed – like the humidifier has a pot that is filled with distilled water, and her feeding pump that we use in the living room until we bring her upstairs. You also can’t see a large emergency oxygen tank under her crib encase she either needs to be bagged or the power goes out. Anyways, there are a few other things, but I’ll explain below. Enjoy!

This was made by Evanna's Uncle Kris. He is super talented, and I would love to pass along his information to anyone interested in their own creation
The Custom Felt Name Banner was given to us by one of our new night nurses. It was made by a family member who owns an Etsy Shoppe - link provided near the end of this post
Stunning handmade quilt made by The Blanket Thief
Custom Teepee created by Tnee's Teepees // Evanna's dress from her Baby Blessing can be seen in the background
Storage to hold trach supplies. Additional supplies are kept in Evanna's closet and our basement // Our emergency trach kit is contained in the blue bag // Custom Evanna CHD doll made by JennyLynnDolls 
Evanna's Home Vent, Humidifier (missing the pot and distilled water) + Suction Machine
Cozy corner for our nurses to sit, watch Evanna and do their charting. We originally had an antique rocking chair in Evanna's room that belonged to Nick's mom, but it wasn't the most comfortable chair to sit in for a 10 hour shifts, so we switched it out for a bigger arm chair.

"Evanna's Room" Sign by Kris Jensen (Message me for contact information) // Arm Chair, Glass Table, Medical Cart & White Storage Unit by IKEA // Custom Teepee by Tnee's // Custom Blanket & Teepee Pillow by The Blanket Thief // Custom Name Felt Sign by Felt from the Heart 

The only thing I would love to add is some book shelves, but now that we’re moving next summer, I’m trying to avoid putting more holes in our walls and can wait until after we move. Hope you all liked it, and overall I’m quite happy with how it turned out. 

xo The Irvine Family

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