Monday, March 26, 2018

Bennett's Baby Blessing

Last month (February 11th) we held Bennett’s baby blessing and invited family and a few friends to celebrate with us. Between getting a ton of hand-me-down baby boy clothes from my sister and everything else we had going on between the end of my pregnancy until now (working lots, Christmas, all of Evanna’s therapy appointments, etc), I just had no desire to spend the energy on planning a separate baby shower for Bennett and decided that his Baby Blessing would be enough celebration (which meant I was comfortable spending a bit more money on it too).

Just like Evanna, Nick gave a very short + simple (but of course meaningful) blessing. For those who are also LDS, know that baby blessings can sometimes get dragged out…. but Nick tends to be a man of few words -- so that definitely isn’t a problem for us whatsoever (I know a few people were actually a little surprised at how quickly it was over lol).

Anyways, here’s a few photos from the afternoon, and of Bennett in his blessing outfit ----

xo The Irvine Family

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