Sunday, March 4, 2018

Bennett’s Newborn Lifestyle Photoshoot

This photoshoot was pretty much everything I asked for and more! Jennie of Guenard Photography continues to outdo herself and I’m so grateful for all the memories she’s captured since Nick and I got engaged over the past 7+ years (yup…. she's basically been there to capture every important moment in our family’s life, including donating her time by coming to take some incredible keepsake photos of our time in the PICU. That photoshoot can be viewed HERE and HERE). She’s basically been witness to our family’s highs and lows and will continue to do so as our family keeps growing!
Our little family has experienced many ups and downs over the past few years, and what these most recent photos capture is a time when things finally slowed down and we’ve been able to enjoy some normalcy and pure happiness. 

Documenting through photos is probably my BIGGEST passion, and I just absolutely cherish these posts and everything they hold. While Nick may not exactly like cost of this hobby (and thinks the photos I take are good enough….except for the fact that I want pictures of our entire family), he has his own hobbies that he spends money on (board games), and so he somewhat puts up with it lol.

Due to how many photos there are, I originally wanted to split it up into 2 different posts – but I’m so behind in blogging, so you’ll just have to live with a very photo heavy post. However, at least it’s filled with two incredibly cute kids!


Grey Pom Blanket from EmmaNate Handmade || Grey Grid Name Blanket from JenniferAnn



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