Sunday, April 1, 2012

bridal shower: part 1

Breanne & Me

Bev laughing in the background

My sister Danika
Randi with her baby girl Jayden
My bestie Bianca
My beautiful friends Bev, Kayleigh and Crystal

Sorry Cyrstal, you just happen to be in the background of many of the photos ;)
Perhaps for a future baby Irvine? Because we moved up the wedding, a few people joked that it was because I was pregnant!
Sandy & Megan (Nick's mom and little sister)
Grandma Elsie Berke (Nick's Grandma)
Grandma Elsie, Aunt Debbie, Sandy & Megan
Shirley & Laura Chipman (cousins)

Kaitlyn Sellars

My amazing sister Danika planned an amazing Bridal Shower for me. All I told her was that I wanted a tea party and she could go from there. I arrived to my house with almost everyone waiting for me and I actually got really nervous. My sister made these adorable fascinators using jewelled headbands and a mini tea set that she bought from a dollar store. I think they were the biggest hit, and I loved them so much. Definitely one of my favorite things about the Bridal Shower. The Bridal Shower was also a bit of a Pampered Chef party. Instead of people bringing me gifts, they were supposed to bring the amount of money they were going to spend on a gift and I would then use it towards a Pampered Chef order. Guests could also then order some things themselves, but there was no pressure too. I know Bianca, my mom, grandma, and aunt wanted to buy things, so it worked out great. All together I was given about $800 cash (wow), then with host bonuses and because people bought items themselves I’m able to purchase just over $1200 worth of items from Pampered Chef! Seriously amazing! When Nick and I get married and finally move into our new place, I will have an amazing kitchen. I have so many photos (thanks to my mom & Bianca for being the “photographers”) to share that I decided to split it up between two posts. So here is the beginning of the Bridal Shower and the gifts opening. I only had a few gifts to open because some people also wanted to get me some lingerie. I did the rest of my “gift opening” a few days later when I went over to Andrea’s house (she put on the Pampered Chef show) and picked things out to buy from all of the money that I received from Bridal Shower. Thank you so much Danika for making this the best Bridal Shower ever, and I am also so grateful for everyone who came. I felt truly loved and I feel so blessed to have all of you in my life :)

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  1. Hey!! Such a lovely bridal shower. Good to see everyone enjoying. The bride-to-be looks beautiful. Have to plan my niece’s bridal shower at one of New York wedding venues. Very excited and little nervous too. As have never done something like this before. Hope will succeed in this.