Sunday, April 29, 2012


Me and Bianca
Bev and Nick
Birthday Girl Danika (as a sexy sailor)
Birthday Girl Bev (as a badass pirate)
James and Bev (aren't there costumes amazing!!)
Nick, Austin and Kris
Randi and Danika
Crystal and Ashley
Megan and Me 
I just love her costume

Me and Jennifer
Christine and Me
Birthday Girls

Me with my family - Austin just loves to ruin photos...
Almost a decent one...
Me, Bev and Bianca

Sword Fighting!
Dancing the night away
Randi and Danika
Bianca, Me and Nick

Crystal and Jennifer
The Girls
Kris jumping in on our photo
Me with Sherri
Randi and I

My sister Danika and best friend Bev both celebrate their birthdays on April 26. This year because everyone would be in town, we decided to hold a big birthday party for the both of them. There was a tie on what theme should be, so they combined a few of the top contenders and it became a Shipwrecked Party. Basically, everyone had to come dressed up and they could be anything from a Pirate, to a Hawaiian/Island Native, or a savvy Survivor or a sexy Sailor. It turned out so well. Some people put a lot of thought into it and we had some people show up in amazing costumes. Nick went as a tacky Hawaiian tourist, and I went as a luau girl. A few people didn’t come dressed up, so we just threw a lei on them. Bianca took each girl’s photo from our bachelorette photo shoot and put into a frame and then had everyone at the party sign it. Crystal did such an amazing job in decorating and helping Bianca and I put everything together. We made tons of food and had laid back music playing downstairs and dancing music playing upstairs (thanks to Crystal for putting together the awesome play lists). I’m really not sure how many people ended up coming, but I’m sure there were at least 35-40 people there. The party was seriously so much fun. I’m sure both girls had a lot of fun and I am glad that a lot of their friends came to celebrate their birthdays with them.

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