Wednesday, April 4, 2012

house update: possession date

We recently found out that we get possession of our house on May 4th! We're so excited because that is sooner than we expected and I just can't wait to have a place of our own. We already bought a bulk of our furniture like the couch, kitchen table (which is really cool and I'll do a post about it in the future), bedroom set, a new mattress that we got an amazing deal on. Also, because we bought so much stuff we got a free TV and Android Tablet. Nick is so excited about getting a tablet and has already laid claim to it, but knowing Nick, he won't touch it after a few weeks. When it comes to technology like computers, he's really not into that kind of stuff like I am. I am always glued to my laptop. The only technology thing he likes is his Xbox. Anyways I am so excited to move in and start putting our house together. I'm sure this will take up most of my summer.

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