Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We got back from Huatulco, Mexico last week and my dad picked us up from the airport and brought us back to my house. Since then we’ve been signing final mortgagepapers, going back to work and preparing for a “Shipwrecked” party that's happening later this week.
Huatulco was amazing. It was so beautiful and extremely peaceful. They only have a handful of resorts unlike Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, so it’s completely un-Americanized, so you won’t find a McDonald’s down there! We left 2 weeks ago and my sister drove me and Nick to the airport. Danika by the way - is a crazy driver! The flight did get delayed for a few hours, so we just hung out in the airport for a while. We didn’t get to Mexico till about 10pm, and so we just went straight to our room to relax. When we got there they had a big banner on the door that read “Honeymoon” on it, as well as rose petals laid throughout the room. Our room was beautiful. I think the only thing Nick didn’t like was that the toilet was a little too open for his liking. We had a little tub on our balcony, so the first night we just filled it up and relaxed for about an hour before heading to bed. The next morning we had room service bring us breakfast and then headed down to the lobby to book some excursions. The first day there we just wanted to relax, so we just went down to the beach and hung out with some people we had met. Nick got a little sick the first day (too much sun), so around noon he went up to the room to have a nap. I didn’t want to sit around doing nothing, so I went to the spa and got a Pedicure. We ended up having room service for lunch and dinner that day because Nick wasn’t feeling well. Really,we just had a boring, but relaxing first day. On the funny side, Nick got a little burnt and obtained some pretty funny tan lines. He ended up getting a red streak down the front of his face, and random streaks all over his chest and arms. A few days later he didn’t put sunscreen on his legs, and so his legs also got burnt. Someone doesn’t know how to put sunscreen on ;P
Thursday was our spa day. We went to the spa in the morning and we received a free hydrocircuit message. Basically we sat in a dry sauna and then a wet sauna for 10minutes each. Next we walked through a hot and then cold water basin. Finally we had our backs, feet and everything in between messaged by special waterjets. Then we headed up to a private room where Nick received a reflexology message on his hands and feet and I got a full body scrub and message. We were done about noon so we went for lunch and spent the rest of the day down by the pool. I think that night we went to Bordeaux for supper. It was their French restaurant.
Friday we went on a city and towns tour. We toured through their main town La Crucecita and saw where both rich and poor people lived. We then headed further up the mountain to a smaller town (I don’t remember the name of it) and finally made our way up to a small village at the top of the mountain. When we got there,all of the children were staring at me, and someone that was with us said it was because of my very blonde hair. It was interesting to see everything and how these people lived with so little. Our tour guide told us a little bit of the history of that area and how people make a living. We had dinner at CinCin that night back at the resort, which is their Italian restaurant.
Saturday we spent another relaxing day at the resort and found our way to their restaurant Castaways that night. It by far was our favourite restaurant. We ended up meeting the chef and it happen to be his 25 birthday that day. He ended up making us and another table of guests his own creation for a dessert that was not on the menu.
Sunday we went to a bay that was about 30 minutes from the resort and went snorkeling. It was really cool. I’ve snorkeled in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef, so in contrast it wasn’t as nice, but it was still awesome. The guides showed us this little cave that you had to swim into one-by-one in order to get it, and it was really unique. I saw a lot of fish and some coral and it was just nice to be back in the ocean – though towards the end, my eyes were burning because of the salt water.
On Monday we went on another tour. We did a coffee and mountain tour because Nick really wanted to see a coffee plantation and coffee down in Huatulco is extremely important. It’s a main source of income, and apparently it’s the 2nd best in the world. Anyways, it was really cool nonetheless.
Tuesday was our last day there, so we just relaxed by the pool the entire day. We got lots of sun and had some fun with some of the other guests.
In all, thehoneymoon was amazing. Huatulco was simply stunning and the Secrets Resort was awesome. We definitely would go back again, just not sure when. We have a few other places we would like to cross off our list. I am just so happy to be married to the most caring and wonderful man who loves me and does everything he can to make me happy. I can’t wait to see what life will bring us, and to future trips.

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