Sunday, February 22, 2015

Surprise! Calgary Transfer

This is going to be a very small post, but just quickly updating everyone to say that Evanna is currently being transferred back to Calgary right now. While Nick and I were at the wedding yesterday (in which I was a bridesmaid), we were notified that Calgary had a PICU bed, and they were going to go pick her up. Thankfully Edmonton was able to hold them off for a day, and they were able to come today instead. So on very little sleep, I drove back up to Edmonton this morning at 6am to help pack things up at the Ronald McDonald House and be there for when they transferred her.

As I post this (part of it was written while they were packing her up), Evanna is currently being flown back to Calgary, and is probably already halfway there. I'm racing back to Calgary to meet them, and overall it's been a really long couple of days. I'll do a bigger blog post/update tomorrow, as I just haven't had time to do a more detailed one right now with everything that's going on.

xo The Irvine Family

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