Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Very Special Doll

Back in December, I had posted about a very bad day that I had had at the hospital on Facebook and Instagram. Evanna was going through withdrawals, she wasn't very happy, and a nurse had gotten blood on one of my favourite blankets that I had bought when I was still pregnant. Later that afternoon, I received a sweet message from Jenny Bracken, and she wanted to send Evanna a very special present.

Now Evanna has gotten quite a few amazing and beautiful gifts (and we appreciate each and every one of them - our hearts are exploding with gratitude during this tough time), but this one is just too good not to share. It's a handmade doll sewn by Jenny herself. She used fabric and string to match Evanna's hair colour and eyes perfectly, but it's the other personal touches that make this doll extra special. Right off the bat, you notice that the doll has a big bow headband placed on top! Evanna has kind of become known for her headbands, so it was only fitting that the doll would have one too. Then Jenny added a "scar" on the doll's chest to sybolise Evanna's open heart surgery scar. On the back of the doll, Jenny stitched in Evanna's OHS surgery date, as well as her diagnosis (acronyms only! lol - there would be no room to spell out her entire diagnosis). To finish it off, she stitched in Evanna's name on the doll's left leg and dressed her in a beautiful floral dress.

I can't relay enough at how beautiful and special this doll is (the nurses and intentivists think it's just the coolest thing ever). Jenny truly does some amazing work, and the workmanship and detail that goes into each doll is truly outstanding. She makes all kinds of dolls (not just heart ones - and she makes boy ones too!), so please, if you have a moment, check out her other work here or here. She is extremely skilled at making custom dolls, and has a talent for making each one unique and special, matching it's recipient perfectly!

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  1. Oh my goodness how precious is this?! And what gorgeous craftsmanship, also. Glad it could warm your mama-heart and I'm sure Evanna loves her new baby doll :)